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Why Russian?

Expand Your Professional Potential and Intellectual Horizons Heading link

Despite the end of the Cold War, the demand for Russian speakers is great. Russian is the native language of approximately 150 million citizens of the Russian Federal Republic. It is one of the five official languages of the UN, and ranks with English, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, and Spanish as a strategic language. Additionally, Russian remains the unofficial lingua franca of the former Soviet republics, making it indispensable for communication across the oil-rich and politically strategic regions of the Caucasus and Central Asia. Russia is designated by economists as one of the nations with the greatest potential for economic growth.  Within the next two decades the Russian economy is expected to surpass that of Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. Not to mention that Russia has one of the world’s richest traditions of fine literature, film, music, as well as visual and performance arts!

Experience a Vibrant Cultural Community Heading link

We have a weekly Russian film series, weekly Russian conversation hour, and weekly Russian Club meetings. Films range from classic to contemporary; conversation hour addresses current events in Russia; and the club offers social and cultural activities, including cooking Russian food, celebrating Russian holidays and organizing outings.

Sharpen Analytical Skills and Gain Cultural Competency Heading link

The rigorous nature of Russian grammar sharpens the analytical skills of students studying it and indirectly cultivates a deeper understanding and appreciation of English. Our students acquire cultural competency alongside the mastery of language, which helps them become effective and sensitive global citizens.