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Photo of Subačius, Giedrius

Giedrius Subačius

Professor and Endowed Chair in Lithuanian Studies

Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian Studies


Building & Room:

1600 UH


601 S Morgan St.

Office Phone:

(312) 996-7856

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Area of Specialization 

Lithuanian language
Sociolinguistic history of language
History of European standard languages

Selected Publications

Simono Daukanto Rygos ortografija (1827–1834) (Simonas Daukantas’s Rīga Orthography (1827–1834)). Lietuvos istorijos institutas, 2018. English summary (PDF).

The Lithuanian Language: Traditions and Trends. Vilnius, 2002.

X.D.K.P.S. lietuvių kalbos gramatika: XIX amžiaus pradžia. (X.D.K.P.S. Lithuanian Grammar: the Beginning of the 19th Century.) Bibliotheca Archivi Lithuanici 3. Vilnius: Lietuvių kalbos instituto leidykla, 2002.

Kalikstas Kasakauskis: Lietuvių bendrinės kalbos konjunktūra. (Kalikstas Kasakauskis: Juncture of Standard Lithuanian.) Bibliotheca Archivi Lithuanici 1. Vilnius: Lietuvių kalbos instituto leidykla, 2001.

Newberry Lituanica: Čikagos Newberry bibiliotekos lituanistinių ir prūsistinių knygų katalogas iki 1904 metų (Books of Lithuanian and Old Prussian Interest at the Newberry Library, Chicago. To 1904.) Chicago: Lithuanian American Community Inc., 1999

Žemaičių bendrinės kalbos idėjos: XIX amžiaus pradžia (The Ideas of Lowland Lithuanian Standard; the Beginning of the 19th Century.) Vilnius: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos institutas, 1998.


M.A., Lithuanian Language, Vilnius University, 1983
Ph.D., History of the Lithuanian Language, Vilnius University, 1988
Habilitation Ph.D, History of the Lithuanian Language, The Research Institute of the Lithuanian Language, 1999

Research Currently in Progress

Editing annual scholarly journal Archivum Lithuanicum
Working on the project: History of European Standard Languages