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Oct 12 2023

Želimir Žilnik: A Documentary Workshop

October 12, 2023

3:00 PM - 5:30 PM


400 S. Peoria, Room 3226


A pioneering member of the radical Yugoslav “Black Wave,” Želimir Žilnik has been actively engaged in politically incendiary filmmaking for over 50 years. Renowned for his use of non-actors and blending of documentary with fiction, Žilnik remains steadfast in his dedication to representing those on the edge of non-existence. Žilnik empowers people from the fringes of society—the unemployed, the homeless, the gender-nonconforming—as he provocatively challenges the conventions of bourgeois cinema. During his visit, the iconic director will discuss his singular methods and the history of his remarkable career.

This event will be hosted by Deborah Stratman's seminar, "Topics in Documentary Media: Atmospherics"



Matthew Kendall

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Nov 13, 2023

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Nov 13, 2023